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Drew Barrymore “Essential” Drinking Game!

Do you enjoy watching TCM’s “The Essentials”? Are you often perplexed by some of the observations which come out of Drew’s mouth? Do you like tacos? Well, then you’re going to love this edition of Drinking Games: “Drewssentials” Edition. As always: “Drinking” doesn’t mean you have to use alcohol. Seriously. Water, lemonade, Diet Coke, fruit juice are perfectly acceptable substitutes. Sweet tea, however, is grounds for dismissal. You have been warned.

Take a Drink every time:

  1. Drew mentions watching that week’s movie ‘as a child’;
  2. You think that perhaps the movie was not 100% appropriate for a child, and thus, explains a lot about Drew;
  3. Drew says “I just … I mean … it’s just …”; 
  4. if she says #3 verbatim, have TWO drinks;
  5. Drew mentions how much she enjoys seeing a movie about a woman directed by a man, because it makes the movie “androgynous”; (wtf?)
  6. you wonder why Drew, a woman who has directed, seems so fixated on male directors directing women. Because, seriously. It’s 2012.
  7. you wish that somebody at TCM would hire a writer to give her something coherent to say;
  8. you think perhaps that they *did* hire a writer, but Drew only glanced at the lines because she wanted to seem more ‘natural’ when speaking, and is winging it. Badly.
  9. she says a movie transformed her;
  10. she says that she wishes she could create a religion based off of a movie;
  11. when you heard her actually say #10 during “Sullivan’s Travels” it made you want to throw your tv out of a window;
  12. you thought I made #10 up and are shocked to find out it wasn’t a product of my fevered imagination;
  13. you think that Drew, a frickin’ Barrymore with over 30 years of industry experience, should have better insights about movies. Or, you know, acting. (Courtesy of #TCMparty Tweep @Kinetograph!)
  14. you notice what a masterful job Robert Osborne does of feeding Drew talking points and moving the conversation along despite the high level of WTFuckery coming out of her mouth.
  15. EXTRA SUPER DUPER BONUS ROUND: if Drew says the same word or phrase 3 times in the same sentence, FINISH THE BOTTLE. (Also courtesy of @Kinetograph.)

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